About Us
Vanilla Vavia Co.,Ltd. is a member of Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce ( DITP ) and Thai Gifts Premiums & Decorative Association (TGP) and Thai Lifestyle Products Federation (TLPF). Our product categories contain genuine leather bags, printed fabric with leather trim bags, wallets, passport holder, keyrings and digital printed scarves. Vavia was chosen to be one of Talent Thai 2013 & 2014 project which is supported by Department of International Trade Promotion.
Vavia originated by our inspiration and dedication to craft and provide best quality products. We have unique design which combines gracefulness, playfulness and elegance in dreamy vintage style to enhance pretty part of women. Our products have high quality and best price.
Vavia is a Thai brand of bag & accessory from Thai designer , which began from the owner’s personal love of drawing and fairy tales.
Vavia’s eye-catching logo is an image of a bird with a butterfly resting on its head. The label has memorable signature stamp represents independent women, with the idea being the winged bird represents freedom and the butterfly represents a pretty part of woman.
Our designs combine classic Victorian era elegance and modern Asian-style cuteness. Many material patterns are inspired by old-fashioned period feel imagery yet are brought up to date using stylised colour schemes and funky cartoonish pictures and sketches.
Vavia sells many sorts of items for the cotemporary woman, including bags, purses, scarves and other accessories. Our products poss a range of patterns that make you want to look closer. The original drawings and artwork on the fabrics are inspired by stories and fairytales and each have their own theme. The designs pay much attention to detail and each item always has something to surprise.
The products are made using genuine leather and waterproof fabrics, making them durable and long-lasting. The fabric scarves present a range of intriguing designs and can brighten up any outfit, they can be used for any occasion or season.
Vavia’s customers are all young at heart no matter of their age. The accessories are worn and enjoyed by people of all ages, from teenagers to working and retirement ages. They are neither too childish nor too grown up, but fun and entertaining. We caters for those who love anything cute and girly yet appreciate quality and luxury.